Our Rules of Ethics

Our Rules of Ethics Since 2005

1. CONTRACT IS A MUST! We have never rented a single room or an apartment without a written (English or Turkish) Official Contract. “No Contract” means you are just like a stranger on the street visiting that property and you have no rights as a tenant in the property. Anytime the owner/renter can kick you out without any reason and you can not claim that you paid rent and bills and you are a tenant there.

2. PAYMENT RECEIT IS A MUST! We have always taken the any amount of money with a written receit. Also all payments are stated and signatured at the moment they are given to us. You have to get a receit for anything you pay otherwise either side can forget or reject that this payment is not conducted. So we did write every single payment since we started this business in 2005.

2. OUR PRODUCT IS OUR PROPERTIES NOT OUR TENANTS! Since 2005 we have never taken and we will never take photos or videos of our tenants to market our properties via showing how was our previous tenants’ private life or friendship relationships in our apartments. Our tenants are not our products, our properties are our products. Please be aware and don’t let people to use your private photos or videos to market properties through your private life.

3. RESPECT TO PRIVACY IS A MUST! Since 2005 we never had and we will never have big brother cameras in our apartments or in our buildings. We don’t like to watch or follow our tenants and their private life while our tenants are living in the apartments or buildings. The people who does not take deposits may have cameras to follow and they may be watching you and your guests against any damage in the property and also record them to show you or to third parties for may be other purposes. You have the right to ask for camera removal, if your privacy is valuable.

4. RESPECT TO TENNANT’S PRIVATE SPACE! Since 2005 as Rental Business Professionals, we have never lived with our tenants in our rental properties although there were empty rooms or spaces. We will never live in the properties which we are renting to our future tenants as well. We also inform the tenants in advance to open the door if we need to visit their apartment.

5. SHORT TERM STRANGERS or AFTER PARTY PEOPLE ARE NOT ALLOWED! As our one of the most important Respect value, the place that we rent belongs JUST to the tenants who have contracts on their own name. Since 2005 we have never allowed and we will never allow any other third party strangers or party people for short time usage or temporary usage like we hear that this type of usage is also made by some other owners or renters. Nobody is allowed to stay in the apartments other than the tenants who are officially living there with an official contract.

6. DEPOSIT IS A VITAL SECURITY MEASURE! We have never rented a place without deposit. Why? Because we secure the tenants against tenants as well as the owners against tenants. If a tenant damages another tenant’s or owner’s belonging we have the security deposit to cover these damages immediately without any further discussion or conflict. This give the security that nobody can damage either other tenant’s or owner’s belongings so everybody behaves responsibly in advance.

7. NO HIDDEN THOUGHTS TO MAKE MORE MONEY FROM PARTY, TRIP, FOOD, DELIVERY ETC.! We rent just apartments as our job is just this. Since 2005 we did not add any additional services in order not to make our tenants to feel obliged to go to the recommended or obliged party, trip or to have time with such party group or to buy a ticket for another trip group etc. We have never interacted with the private life and preferences of our tenants. We have just answered their questions about these issues if they asked help from us. We always respected and we will also respect our tenant’s preferences and choices in the future.

8. WE ARE ALWAYS THERE TO HELP IF NEEDED! As additional help services we have given them free city guides, we gave them information about hospitals, dentists or emergency numbers and other necessary daily life needed necessary information and advises. Also we helped about the maintenance services of the property if something is not functioning or broken in the property.

9. WE NEVER GAVE TENANT’S¬†PRIVATE DATA TO OTHERS FOR SALES OR MARKETING OTHER SERVICES! Since 2005 we have never given a single data of our tenants to 3rd parties to be used for sales or marketing of other services like trips, parties, gatherings etc. We will never give in the future as well.