Location of the Apartments

Taksim is the centre of business, shopping, theatre and entertainment and it’s famous square is commonly regarded as the heart of Istanbul.
Our apartments are located a 5 minute walk from Taksim Square where you will find tram links to the old city, metro links and coach stops connecting both major airports.

Taksim Square is connected to the quaint streets of Galata, Beyoglu and Cukurcuma by one of the busiest pedestrianised shopping streets in Europe, Istiklal Caddesi (Istiklal Avenue). On Istiklal Avenue you will predominantly find large global retailers however some of the quaint family owned shops remain.

At the end of Istiklal Caddesi you will see the stunning Galata Tower, this is also a perfect area to find quirky design shops, vintage clothing and antiques.

Our apartments taksim is within walking distance to the following convention centres:

Istanbul Convention Center
Lutfi Kirdar Convention Center
Hilton Convention Center
Harbiye Open Air Theatre

And the following museums are also easily accessible from the our apartments:

The Pera Museum
The Pera Museum, which opened its doors in early June 2005, is the first step of a comprehensive cultural endeavor that the Suna and ?nan K?raç Foundation has launched at this distinguished venue in the city for the purpose of providing cultural service on a variety of levels. The first and second floors of the Pera Museum house three permanent collections belonging to the Suna and ?nan K?raç Foundation, with the Sevgi and Erdo?an Gönül Gallery on the second floor. The third, fourth, and fifth floors are devoted to multipurpose exhibition spaces. There is an auditorium and Pera Education room in the basement, and on the ground floor are the reception desk and Perakende-Artshop and Pera Café.

The M. Rahmi Koc Museum
The Rahmi M. Koç Museum is the first major museum inTurkey dedicated to the history of Transport, Industry and Communications. Housed in magnificent buildings – which are prime examples of industrial archaeology – on the shore of the historicGolden Horn, the collection contains thousands of items from gramophone needles to full size ships and aircraft.

Yap? Kredi Vedat Nedim Tor Museum
The Vedat Nedim Tör Museum was established in 1992 for the purpose of scientifically assessing the Bank’s collections and exhibiting them to contribute to the country’s cultural life. Various collections, including coins, embroidered textiles, fabrics, calligraphies, tombac (metal alloys), prayer beads and Karagöz figures, accumulated by the bank since the 1950s, are displayed around central themes in rotation. The collections of coins and ethnographic works and the special Atatürk section of the museum have raised International interest.

Istanbul Modern Art Museum
The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Turkey’s first private museum to organize modern and contemporary art exhibitions was founded in 2004 and occupies an 8,000 square meter site on the shores of the Bosphorus. Istanbul Modern embraces a global vision to collect, preserve, exhibit and document works of modern and contemporary art and make them accessible to art lovers.

Istanbul Toy Museum
The Istanbul Toy Museum is a story which Sunay Ak?n wrote for the beautiful tomorrows of his country. It was opened on 23 April 2005. The galleries host more than 4000 toys acquired in 20 years, from various antique dealers all over the world and through internet auctions.

With the events and activities it organizes, santralistanbul aspires to be an international platform for arts, culture and learning, inspired by a comprehensive, multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary vision which promotes urban regeneration. Opening its doors on 8 September 2007, santralistanbul is one the most exhaustive conversion projects to be carried out in Turkey in the field of arts and culture.

Divan Literature Museum
The Galata Mevlevihanesi, or dervish convent, built in 1491, was one of the first Mevlevi dervish convents in ?stanbul. Closed down in the 1920s during the early Republican period, this Mevlevihane was reopened as a museum in 1975. The Semahane and adjacent rooms house a collection of manuscripts of the works of Mevlevi Sufi poets, as well as samples of calligraphy and Mevlevi memorabilia.

Adam Mickiewickz Museum
Adam Mickiewicz Museum is a historic house museum dedicated to the life of Adam Mickiewicz, renowned Polish poet. The museum houses some manuscripts of Adam Mickiewicz, historical documents and paintings.

The Quincentenial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews
The Aim of the Museum is to promote, both within the country and abroad, the story of 700 years of amity between Turks and Jews, beginning with the Ottoman conquest of Bursa (1326), continuing with Bayezid. It’s warm welcome of the Sephardic Jews who preferred expulsion from Iberia to giving up the faith and traditions of their ancestors and carrying on until today.

Saint Antoine Church
The Saint Antoine Church is located on ?stiklal Street in Beyo?lu, Istanbul. Construction began on August 23, 1906 and was completed and opened for religious services in 1912. Its architect, Giulio Mongeri was born in Istanbul. The church was governed by Italian priests and is the greatest Catholic Church in Istanbul with the largest number of congregation. It is a beautiful sample of tolerance and religious acceptance.

Galata Tower
Galata Tower, being one of the oldest and the most important towers in the world, was built by the order of Byzantium Emperor Anastasius in 507 under the name of Lighthouse Tower. The first man, who flew in history, in 17th century, Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi, put wooden wings to his arms and flew from Galata Tower to Üsküdar.

Sakip Sabanci Museum
Sakip Sabanci Museum presents a versatile museological environment with its rich permanent collection, the comprehensive temporary exhibitions that it hosts in its conservation units, model educational programs and the various concerts, conferences and seminars held there. In 1927 Prince Mehmed Ali Hasan of the Hidiv family of Egypt commissioned the Italian architect Edouard De Nari to build the estate, now the museum’s main building, and it was used as a summer house for many years by various members of the Hidiv family; for a short time it also served as the Montenegran Embassy.

Historical Peninsula
Our cozy apartments are conveniently located a 5 minute walk from Taksim Square tram link, where you will need to make one change in order to arrive in the heart of the old city, Sultanahmet (total journey time about 15 – 20 minutes) where you will find:

Topkapi Palace
Blue Mosque
Hagia Sophia
Spice Bazaar
Grand Bazaar


Istanbul University 1453
Boğaziçi University 1863
Galatasaray University 1992
Istanbul Medeniyet University 2010
Istanbul Technical University 1773
Marmara University 1883
Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts 1882
Yıldız Technical University 1911


Acıbadem University 2007
Bahçeşehir University 1998
Beykent University 1997
Bezm-i Alem University 2010
Doğuş University 1997
Fatih Sultan Mehmet University 2010
Haliç University 1998
Işık University 1996
Istanbul 29 Mayıs University 2010
Istanbul Arel University 2007
Istanbul Aydın University 2007
Istanbul Bilgi University 1996
Istanbul Bilim University 2006
Istanbul Kemerburgaz University 2008
Istanbul Kültür University 1997
Istanbul Medipol University 2009
Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University 2010
Istanbul Şehir University 2008
Istanbul Commerce University 1992
Kadir Has University 1992
Koç University 1992
Maltepe University 1997
Nişantaşı University 2012
Okan University 1999
Özyeğin University 2007
Piri Reis University 2008
Sabancı University 1996
Yeditepe University 1996
Yeni Yüzyıl University 2009